When a bad character ruins a good book

Sugar Scars, by Travis Norwood517RcHmEd2L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

I don’t like to write a bad review mainly because I respect the author’s work, but this book is testing me!

Sugar Scars is sold as a post-apocaliptic novel about a nineteen year-old diabetic girl who needs insulin to survive, after a lethal virus killed almost the entire population in the United States.

Not too bad if you like the genre, and I do. Unfortunately the main character is almost too dumb to be real and she ruins what could have been a really good book.

This nineteen year-old girl names her belongings (car is Bella, fridge is Bertha, the GPS lady is Mandy, the freezer, the generator, the gun….) and for some reasons she won’t reveal her real name because it repulses her. When you begin to adjust to the weirdness of not be able to call her (but her fridge) by name, you’ll come by some of the most unfortunate lines ever heard:

“I felt like a child molester enticing a kid into a van with candy”

“but then I made an amazing discovery. The end of the book had an index.”

gif-confused-dafuq-facepalm-incredulous-oh-my-god-omg-ricky-ricardo-say-what-shocked-surprised-wtf-gifReally, Travis Norwood? Really?

Overall the story is good, captivating and well written… if you can go over the bad character you might even enjoy reading it.

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