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It’s the end of the week!! time for me to sum it up and share with you the best and the worst of books that have been read and reviewed.

During one of my incursions on Pinterest a nice quote got my attention: Think positive & Positive things will happen“. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that but, is that really true?  is it true that one positive thought can change things?  I decided to go on the hunt for  scientific proofs; you will be surprised by how many books you can find . The Little Book of Big Changes is pretty exhaustive about Mindfulness, Neuro-plasticity and the power of positive thoughts.

On the road to self improvement I started considering the idea of working on my skills and Transform your communication skill is the perfect book if you want to be the best communicator in town. Good book if you’re a student or even if you’re already working. In case you’re considering a career change, there’s The A-Z of Careers and Jobs.

Back in the game is the perfect mid-week easy reading, the story of a newly divorced woman who finds herself after dating dangerously for a year. I know, it could sound weird but I promise you, this book will make you think about how much pressure women have to face.

A week can’t pass without me reading a criminal justice book, Letters from Marion is the account of a first time offender who’s being incarcerated in one of the most tough prison in Illinois.

The week end is “Me Time”,  A walk in the woods makes me want to go out and breath some fresh air while consider the idea of starting a detox program and try some Green Smoothies.

Well, Readers… I’ll see you next week with a new bunch of books! Happy Reading!



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