The Hashtag Never Dies

Post This Book. Journal, Color, Share, by David Sinden and Nikala Catlow

Just a couple of days ago I was blabbing about Babe Walker‘s new book  American Babe -last in the White Girl Problems series- and how this little symbol, the hashtag, happened to make the fortune for the trio of friends and writers Cohen / Schoenhals / Cohen.

cover86411-medium.pngHere we are again with David Sinden and Nikala Catlow authors of #PostThisBook, a  funny  journal that challenges you to explore your inner artist with creative prompts to doodle, color, collage….with an extra twist, #PostThisBook on social media!

Addicted to social media and running out of ideas? No worries,  this funny book might give you the hint to be creative and original and post the results to your social network!

#PostThisBook is also #childrensafe!


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