Dogs Know Stuff

Jonathan Unleashed, by Meg Rosoff

My dog knows stuff! I am pretty sure now that behind those puppy eyes she is hiding a whole lot more about life that I will ever understand. Maybe Confucius was right by saying that life is really simple, but somehow we insist on making it complicated. And every time I look at my dog I know that she knows that I know I don’t really know what to be when I grow up, or even how on earth to get there.

Meg Rosoff delivers a splendid story set in Manhattan about a young New Yorker searching for happiness, and the two dogs who help him find it.

cover84285-mediumJonathan Trefoil’s boss is unhinged, his relationship baffling, and his apartment just the wrong side of legal. His girlfriend wants to marry someone just like him -only richer and with a different sense of humor. He doesn’t remember life being this confusing, back before everyone expected him to act like a grown-up.

When his brother asks him to look after his dogs, Jonathan’s world view begins to shift. Could a border collie and a cocker spaniel hold the key to life, the universe, and everything? Their sly maneuvering on daily walks and visits to the alluring vet suggest that human emotional intelligence may not be top dog after all.

This book is just perfect. I loved how Jonathan’s life changed because of the dogs. I loved how New York looked like a whole different city just because it wasn’t zooming past Jonathan’s peripheral vision. I loved how he learned to slow down and simple things.

Splendid! Jonathan Unleashed is a funny, romantic story of tangled relationships, friendships and dogs so well written that just made sense of my entire life.

Maybe -just maybe- this is what is all about; slowing down and stop worrying about that picture in our heads of how life is supposed to be.

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