Young Adult: The Most Important Genre in Literature

Young Adult: The Most Important Genre in Literature

The Homecoming, by Stacie Ramey

Is Young Adult Fiction one of the most important genre in literature? With more than 30,000 titles published annually and a net revenue of $2.87 billion we can say that this genre is definitely one of those at the front of the line. Targeting readers an age range of around thirteen to around twenty, Young Adults Fiction delivers exactly what young readers need: a tool they can use for introspection and interrogation of the world around.

Author of edgy contemporary realistic YA book The Sister Pact, Stacie Ramey returns with The Homecoming, an emotional and extremely engaging story.

They say you can never go home—and John’s about to find out just how true that is.
John’s mother kicked him out of the house when she couldn’t handle his anger, and John’s spent the last few years bouncing between relatives. But after his last scrape with the law, there’s nowhere for him9781492635888-300rgb to go but home.

Starting senior year at a new high school and fitting into the family that shut him out is a challenge. And it’s all that John can do to keep from turning back to bad habits. Lacrosse training helps him focus. As does Emily, the girl next door. She’s sweet and smart, and makes him think his heart may finally be healing. Maybe he’s ready to trust again. But tragedy has a way of finding John, and he must decide between saving his family or saving himself.

The Homecoming is a gorgeous book and Stacie Ramey doesn’t disappoint, the intense writing style and all the splendid characters help delivering a beautiful story, powerful and very emotional. Loss, anger, family dynamics, redemption and new beginnings are widely explored through John’s eyes -that being what makes this book so unique, John’s emotions and his point of view is something new and different in a world, YA fiction, usually lead by female characters.

We asked the Author -Stacie Ramey- Who are some of your favorite authors, and why?

My first favorite author was Maurice Sendak. I vividly remember turning the pages of Where the Wild Things Are as a child and being completely mesmerized. I then grew to love C.S. Lewis and his wonderful Chronicles of Narnia. It didn’t take me long to learn to love John Steinbeck. I decided I wanted to work with disabled kids after reading Of Mice and Men, became a social activist after reading Grapes of Wrath, and had the entire world open up for me after reading East of Eden. Stephen King with his wonderful character development and terrifying stories had me with too many books to name. As a YA novelist I’ve expanded my favorite authors to include Laini Taylor, Stephanie Kuehn, and Anna-Marie McLemore and Holly Black to name just a few.

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