We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! Now Own It!

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! Now Own It!

Own It: The Power of Women at Work, by Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck‘s résumé is impressive: CEO and co-founder of Ellevesta new digital investment platform for women, owner and Chair of Ellevate Network –the global professional woman’s network– and also Chair of Pax Ellevate Global Woman’s Index Fund –which invests in the top-rated companies in the world for advancing women. 

Former CFO of Citigroup and CEO of Merrill Lynch, Krawcheck is a Wall Street legend turned entrepreneur that draws on her own experience at the highest levels of business to show women how to take their careers to the next level.


Weren’t women supposed to have “arrived”? 
Well, we aren’t quite there yet. But does that mean that progress for women in business has come to a screeching halt?  It’s true that the old rules didn’t get us as far as we hoped. But we can go the distance, and we can close the gaps that still exist. We just need a new way.
In fact, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future, says former Wall Street powerhouse-turned-entrepreneur Sallie Krawcheck.  That’s because the business world is changing fast –driven largely by technology – and it’s changing in ways that give us more power and opportunities than ever…and even more than we yet realize.  
Success for professional women will no longer be about trying to compete at the men’s version of the game, she says. And it will no longer be about contorting ourselves to men’s expectations of how powerful people behave. Instead, it’s about embracing and investing in our innate strengths as women – and bringing them proudly and unapologetically, to work. 
When we do, she says, we gain the power to advance in our careers in more natural ways. We gain the power to initiate courageous conversations in the workplace. We gain the power to forge non-traditional career paths; to leave companies that don’t respect our worth, and instead, go start our own. And we gain the power to invest our economic muscle in making our lives, and the world, better.

“It can’t be denied that, to quote the great Loretta Lynn, we’ve come a long way, baby.”

But we’re not there yet. How do we know? Because the number of women running the 500 most powerful companies in the US fell by more than 12 per cent last year. As today, only 4.8 per cent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, an undeniable paltry number.

A study by Grant Thornton shows that women actually account for  a majority of college graduates and Fortune 500 entry-level employees. But that the proportion of women declines at each stage of executive career paths, that as a result women are seriously under-represented in senior leadership positions. At this rate we will never reach gender parity.

Own It: The Power of Women at Work shows us all that getting to the top is no easy job, it takes determination, resilience and hard work but getting at senior levels of Wall Street, holding top jobs at some of the biggest financial firms IS possible! You don’t have to “change” or to “act like a man” to make it, but you have to be smart. Change is real and it’s coming fast. It’s time to own it!


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