Book Blog Tour: Taking The Mystery Out of the Menu by Naomi Powell

Book Blog Tour: Taking The Mystery Out of the Menu by Naomi Powell

Friday night. Manhattan. I’m on my way to meet Mary: tireless globe-trotter, food enthusiast and dearest friend of mine. It all started with a cryptic text message from her:

Get ready. We’re going out. Found the perfect spot for hors d’oeuvres“.

Not sure about what those hors d’oeuvres are but I’m in; Hell’s Kitchen here I come! Mary’s famous for discovering fancy foodie hotspots anywhere in the city.. still, these hors d’oeuvres?! A quick Google search and I finally get what’s hiding behind that intimidating word: hors d’oeuvres is french for appetizers! Well, that was easy.

My joy is short lived, and things get worse by the time we move to the restaurant, where even Google refuses to help. Mary goes through the menu like a pro:

“I am going to start with cruditès, then I’ll have the entrecôte Bordelaise served with sautè potatoes and haricots verts…and you should really try the cherry clafoutis, it’s delicious!” 

… and … I’m lost! I have no idea what she is talking about! The menu, full of french- intimidating terms, is definitely not helping me: niçoise salad, cod en croute, pork rillettes… my head is spinning and at this point, I am begging Mary to please speak english!

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t understand the menu? Do you want to be able to order food, any food, without looking like a fool? Then I have the right book for you!

Today I am hosting the last stop for the Book Blog Tour for Taking The Mystery out of the Menu written by Naomi Powell.


A pocket guide to cuisine and understanding the menu by an author who’s passionate about food and fine dining.

Eating out is not only a ‘special event’ activity enjoyed by families and friends in our modern high speed world, but very often a necessity for the great work force whose long working day and often unsociable working hours allow little time for home food preparation. However, when eating out for whatever reason, it can be very confusing when presented with a menu of unfamiliar terms and dishes. This pocket guide will help diners to master the mysteries of the menu with ease!

Believe me when I tell you that eating out can be very confusing, especially when you are presented with a menu of unfamiliar terms and dishes! Taking The Mystery out of the Menu comes to the rescue, shedding light on some of the cultural, niche and sophisticated culinary terms which occur on modern menus in hotels, restaurants and food bars.

No more hesitation ordering a sweet pain perdu or a korasan waffle for breakfast, salmon with remoulade sauce for lunch or the ossobuco with some delicious creamy polenta for dinner: Taking The Mystery out of the Menu is a pocket guide to cuisine and understanding a menu that will save you from deep embarrassment and from ordering the wrong dish!


Author’s Bio


After retiring from her career as a music teacher, Naomi Powell returned to Somerset with her husband, Maurice. She is an active member of the Richard III Society, the Nelson Society and the Royal OverSeas League, as well as an enthusiastic gardener. From her home garden, she began Somerset Garden at the Limes, a business growing, harvesting and making her own preserves, which she operated for five years with retail outlets across North and South Somerset. This is her first book.


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