Let’s BOO! Halloween Party Ideas

Let’s BOO! Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween might be the ultimate kids’ holiday, and yes, we might even be too old for trick-or-treat but… I’m not ready to give up the fun of dressing up in costume and having my favorite sweets! That’s why I like Halloween parties!

If you are thinking about throwing your own party, then I have some ideas you might like.. starting with cool invitations to unique masks and house decoration!


When it comes to party invitations, Halloween falls into a gray area: it’s a fun holiday so, emailed invites are acceptable. On the other hand though, there are so many crazy creative invitation ideas that it’s almost a shame not to mail something.

Like these stunning party invitations from LittleElephantCrafts.


Lisa Hudec -owner and creative mind behind LittleElephantCrafts on Etsy– knows how to make your Halloween party special, starting from these stunning invitations.


I fell for these Raven EggHalloween announcements! Matte-black painted eggs nestled into a bed of Spanish moss that deliver a dramatic crunch when they are cracked to reveal the invitation (customizable) inside. Made using real quail eggs sourced from a local Oregon farm, these spooky black Raven EggHalloween invitations are perfect to make your Halloween event a must-attend party!

Even more dramatic, and with an “Edgar Allan Poe vibe”, are these Black Raven Feather Halloween Invitations! Each invitation contains:

  • jet-blacked feather,
  • a custom invitation scroll attached to the bottom of the quill with a black silk ribbon pull tab,
  • an envelope stamped with a black rave in a top hat.

In case you’re wondering, these feathers are not taken from actual ravens! These are humanely-gathered real turkey feathers, jet-black dyed to replicate raven feathers.

Take a look at Lisa‘s LittleElephantCrafts store on Etsy!


Etsy Store: LittleElephantCrafts

Facebook: @ LittleElephantCrafts


Classic Vintage Vibe

In case you’re looking for something more… traditional, I found these beautiful vintage inspired cards from Hank & Petunia Design Studio. 

Hank & Petunia-2

Vintage SkullSkeleton Hand, Witch Hat and SpiderDay of The Dead are my favorites.. you can choose from the “PRINT IT YOURSELF” option, or you can purchase already ‘PRINTED’ invitations.

Shipping is already included in the price of printed invitations and Rush Orders are available upon request!


Instagram: HankandPetunia

Etsy Store: Hank & Petunia Design Studio

Facebook: @ HankandPetunia

Website: HankandPetunia.com


When it comes to Halloween costumes I have my own rule: “go big, or go home“… if I have to wear a costume, it’s gotta be unique! Of course there’s nothing wrong about wearing the classic “witch hat” but, if you too want to stand out, then you should take a look at these beauties from EnekaCreations… these mask are from another planet!!

Eneka Creations

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!.. there is no other way to describe these handmade masks.

The Joker Bank Robber Mask, the Cat Skull Mask and the Hoxton from Payday Mask are gorgeous.. made of fiberglass and polyurethane, padded with foam for a comfortable wearing and an elastic straps that will allow you to adjust the mask to your face.

Joker Bank Robber Mask – Shaco from League of Legends – Cat Skull Mask

There are so many beautiful masks to choose from, just visit EnekaCreation store on Etsy or their website @ eneka.cl


Instagram: nkc_fx

Etsy Store: Eneka Creations

Website: eneka.cl



If you love DIY, you absolutely need to see, and try this..

Since 2013, Steve Wintercroft and his wife, Marianne have been designing and supplying unique masks to creative people all over the world. And it all started because of a Halloween party…


I found this interesting store on Etsy while I was looking for Halloween ideas and I immediately liked it. Steve and Marianne Wintercroft design and sell stunning diy mask that could literally be built by anyone, using local materials. By supplying the templates digitally and enabling people to build the masks themselves, there is no energy wasted on manufacturing or shipping. The masks are intended to be built from discarded, reused or recycled card with the minimum environmental impact.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mask Set

There is the Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mask Set, the Horned Skull Mask or the Bride Mask; build them is easy and fun!  Simply download your PDF and print the templates on normal printer or copier paper. Just glue the paper to the card of your choice and your ready to create. You also get instructions for a simple head band to hold the mask securely in place.

Now the structure is done you are ready to make your creation unique by decorating and colouring your Mask in any way that you like. Try coloured card, paints and marker pens, or gluing on patterned paper or fabric, and if you are stuck for ideas, look at some of the amazing creations in the customer gallery on their website: wintercroft.com


Twitter: @ Wintercroft

Instagram: Wintercroft

Etsy Store: Wintercroft

Website: wintercroft.com

Facebook: @ Wintercoft


There’s really no end to the exciting (and spooky) things you can do with decorations for a Halloween party, and if you are looking for something that is both extravagant and unique, then take a look at KAMDESIGNArt on Etsy.

Let's Boo!-3

Each piece is an original one-of-a-kind hand crafted sculpture made from black steel wire hand bent into a 3D, free standing work of art. As a big Edgar Allan Poe fan myself, my eye got caught by this splendid Raven Wire Sculpture, but there are so many other pieces that would be perfect as Halloween decor; like the spider lamp and the insect lamp.

KAMDESIGNArt offers worldwide delivery and EXPRESS shipping is also available.


Etsy Store: KAMDESIGNArt

Facebook: @ KAMDESIGNArt


When it comes to Halloween sweets & treats my absolute favorite place is Dylan’s Candy Bar, the original flagship location on New York City‘s Upper East Side with three iconic floors of candy deliciousness  (1011 Third Ave @ 60th St.).

The 2017 Halloween collection is a blaze of colors: the Dylan’s Candy Bar Belgian Chocolate-Covered Halloween Caramel and the Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rod are my must haves.

Free your creativity and have fun planning an amazing Halloween party!


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This is not a sponsored post. Links provided are for your convenience only! All the products mentioned have been religiously tried by The Serial Reader herself.. that’s why I am happy to share these treasures with all of you!

*Ebates is referral link.

** Pictures courtesy of: LittleElephantCrafts, Hank&Petunia Design Studio, EnekaCreationsWintercroft, KAMDesign.




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