It’s time!!! The Holiday Season is finally here and The Serial Reader is ready to BLOGMAS! For those of you who don’t know what BLOGMAS is, it’s when bloggers post  at least once a day something uniquely dedicated to Christmas; it could be a list of the best Christmas songs, movies or books, or even funny DIY projects, decoration ideas, and recipes to bake Santa‘s favorite cookies. There is really NO limit to creativity here!

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BLOGMAS begins today, December 1st and goes for 25 – 31 days. #BLOGMAS

BLOGMAS is funny and -hopefully- entertaining.. but also a real challenge for us bloggers and content creators. This year, I am willing to step up and give this exciting carousel a good try.

If you are reading this, THANK YOU! You are welcome to leave a comment and share whatever you like down in the comments section here on The Serial Reader Blog. I know this is probably the busiest month of the year and I truly appreciate the time you’re taking to read my posts and reviews.

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Down below you’ll find the BLOGMAS CHRISTMAS CALENDAR: dates and posts for the entire month of December!

Copy of Fall Books

December 1st, Blogmas day #1

What does Christmas Mean to You?

December 2nd, Blogmas day #2

Top 24 Best Christmas Movies

December 3rd, Blogmas day #3

Books of the Month – A Winter Reading List

December 4th, Blogmas day #4

Be Jolly, It’s (almost) Christmas – Christmas Playlist

December 5th, Blogmas day #5

The Stars Are Brightly Shining

December 6th, Blogmas day #6

The Goodreads Choice Award Goes To…

December 7th, Blogmas day #7

December 8th, Blogmas day #8

December 9th, Blogmas day #9

The 25 Best Christmas Books for Young Readers

December 10th, Blogmas day #10

Books of the Week – What I’ve Been Reading

December 11th, Blogmas day #11


December 12th, Blogmas day #12

December 13th, Blogmas day #13

December 14th, Blogmas day #14

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is…” – A Bookworm’s WishList

December 15th, Blogmas day #15

December 16th, Blogmas day #16

December 17th, Blogmas day #17

Books of the Week – Classics Edition

December 18th, Blogmas day #18

December 19th, Blogmas day #19

December 20th, Blogmas day #20

December 21st, Blogmas day #21

The Best Books to Dive Into the Winter Season

December 22nd, Blogmas day #22

December 23rd, Blogmas day #23

December 24th, Blogmas day #24

The Night Before Christmas

December 25th, Blogmas day #25

Merry Christmas!

December 26th, Blogmas day #26

December 27th, Blogmas day #27

December 28th, Blogmas day #28

December 29th, Blogmas day #29

December 30th, Blogmas day #30

December 31st, Blogmas day #31

A Reflection on the Year – 10 Best Books of 2017