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Hello Everybody.. are you enjoying the week end? I have my nose stuck in a beautiful book so, yeah I’m enjoying my week end. What a nerd, huh?!

Anyway, here I come with the Books of the Week post, a good way to keep track of what’s good and what’s not of all the books read.

Monday I decided to start with something easy and light, The Trouble with Emma was the perfect match! A funny romance starring some of the most loved Austen’s characters living in the modern world. Don’t be shy and give this book a try!

Looking for a good psycho-thriller? The Passenger will keep you glued to the pages. Love, friendship, betrayal and restitution…this books has it all.

Wednesday’s time to get Smart Faster and Better, building a strong motivation, focus and goal setting. It may sound simplistic but this book it’s extremely informative and helpful. Give it a try if you want to be even more productive at work or at school.

Dreambender was disappointing. Officially a fantasy for middle graders this book is a wishy-washy version of Divergent.

Back to something light with Dear Emma, dispensing wisdom for the lovelorn and lonely college students.

On Friday I challenged myself to read a vampire story. I’m not a fan of the blood suckers but Amaranthine made it easy for me! Written by a young author this book is surprisingly good and the story well built.

Finish the week strong with humour and a good laugh with Adulthood is a Myth.

Well Readers, thanks for stopping by and feel free to share with us what you’re reading!

Happy Reading!


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