Why Aristotle Might Be Wrong

The Lonely City. Adventures in the Art of Being Alone, by  Olivia Laing

Was the great Greek Philosopher Aristotle right stating that man is a social animal, naturally incapable to spend his life alone? cover74949-medium

If it’s true that our lives depend on other humans and that we develop and learn about the world through the filter of other people, our connections to others are key to not only our survival but to our entire existence as human beings.

So, what happens when we are not engaged with other people? Art happens. Great art! Olivia Laing’s new book is a splendid reportage on the subject of loneliness told through the lives of iconic artists – from Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks to Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules.

After all, Aristotle might be wrong and our sociability isn’t compromised by some quality time on our own; loneliness is something we can use to open up our creative style, to get in touch with our emotions and create art. Hopefully great art!

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