When You’re Young, Broke and Hangry

Quarterly Life Poetry. Poems for the Young, Broke and Hangry, by Samantha Jayn

If there’s anything that we can have absolute certainty about is that nothing in life does always go the way we want! Especially if you’re in your twentiecover80177-medium.pngs and fresh out of college.
Samantha Jayn thought things would look different by twenty-five. Instead she has a student loan and some Thai leftovers in the fridge.

From the creator of the popular Tumblr and Instagram “Quarter Life Poetry” a collection of poetry that captures the voice of who knows that being in your 20s doesn’t always mean “the best years of your life.”

This book is a book you might want to keep around just to remind yourself that the key of living content and surviving life is a good laugh.

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