Do you Body Shame?

I Do It with Lights On: and 10 More Discoveries on the Road to a Blissfully Shame-Free Life, by Whitney Way Thore

I am enthusiastic about this book and I couldn’t have been happier to read it before the official release date, which will be May 31.
I Do It with Lights On is Whitney’s personal account of her life as a talented dancer, straight As student and young girl dealing with the pressure to be thin.

From developing an eating disorder as a teenager to extreme weight gain in college to her ongoing struggle with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Whitney tells it all, opening up about the depths of her decover85954-mediumpression as well as her tremendous resilience in the face of constant harassment and mistreatment.

I know Whitney Thore from her reality show My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC and that is also how I got to know about the “body positivity” movement. The “No Body Shame” campaign is to help every individual overcome the debilitating effects of societal-induced shame, promoting self-acceptance even if others do not accept us. By doing that real changes in confidence and quality of life are not only possible, but inevitable.

Written with brutal sincerity this book will find its way to your heart and it will teach you that “fat acceptance” only means that even big people still deserve basic human respect!

Stop body shaming and show some support to this AMAZING girl!!

You can find her on Youtube , @WhitneyWay on Twitter ,  on Facebook and on her website.

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