Censorship or Editing?



Some call it censorship, others call it editing.
Do you think anything can be published or is there a red line that can’t be crossed?
Politics, religion, sexuality, relationships… what’s your opinion?


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2 thoughts on “Censorship or Editing?

  1. I think with the ability to self publish, anything can become print. I think there are people out there who will write something so extreme, just to make sure the book is talked about, they are talked about, etc. Personally, I think red lines get crossed all the time but that doesn’t stop the next person from doing it. Look at the media or any social form, people publish their ideas that can be offensive to some. I think you can’t go into writing thinking your book will be perfect and it will not offend anyone. You are bound to offend someone. In college I took a creative writing class and how I described one of my characters, I can’t remember the exact phrasing I used, but it offended one of my classmates. You just can’t always win.

  2. Self-publishing has opened up many doors, and has changed the playing field of publishing.
    This is an exciting time for writers.
    But what about quality? Let’s be honest, everybody does not have a book inside them.
    Many books I looked at needed help in structural editing. I understand that this professional attention can be expensive for indies authors, but I believe it’s indispensable to a good work.

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