Knowledge To Prevent Violence: The Orlando Shooting

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Happened again. Americans woke up to another mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. One of the worst in US history.

We count the victim, we mourn them. We blame the insane who cause all the suffering. We blame ISIS. We blame politicians. Still, we don’t know almost anything about who -armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle and a handgun- goes on a violent rampage and kills 50 people.

Who was Omar Mateen? Michael McDermott? James E. Holmes? Adam Lanza? (*) Just to name a few.

Those people are sons, brothers, husbands, neighbours. Those people are citizens! Forgotten, betrayed, incapable of process feelings. Whoever they are, they are people just like me and you. So why we don’t know them? Why we don’t know what’s tearing their souls apart to the point they need to do something so tragic like taking 50 people lives away?

We are social media experts, we know all about the Kardashians and the latest Hollywood scandal, but how much do we know about each others? The moral degradation of our society is costing us lives. We need to pay attention because Indifference kills people.

Today I say “Knowledge to prevent Violence” as something everybody can do. Because we need more than sadness, anger, shock and solidarity. We need to understand once for all why these things keep happening. And make it stop!

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