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The Crow Girl, by Erik Axl Sund

I don’t know about you, but when I think about Scandinavia I think of uncontaminated nature, wild animals, lots of snow and Santa Claus. Who ever knew that people up there are master crime fiction writers? Nothing new, right? If you like the genre you sure know (and love) names as Stieg Larsson, Jo Nesbø¸ and Hanning Mankell.

The newest crime novel sensation comes from the Swedish duo Jerker Eriksson and Håkan Alxlander Sundquist and The Crown Girl is no kidding -784 pages! 

cover82181-medium.png In a Stockholm city park, police discover the hideously abused body of a young boy. Detective Superintendent Jeanette Kihlberg heads the investigation, battling an apathetic prosecutor and a bureaucratic police force unwilling to devote resources to solving the murder of a nameless immigrant child.

But with the discovery of two more mutilated children’s corpses, it becomes clear that a serial killer is at large. Jeanette turns to therapist Sofia Zetterlund for her expertise in psychopathic perpetrators, and their lives become increasingly intertwined, professionally and personally.

Don’t let those 784 pages intimidate you. If you like dark stories full of characters and twist and turns, this might be the book for you.

The Crow Girl confirms -once again- the astounding talent of Swedish writers for crime novels. This gripping psychological thriller that digs deep into Swedish society comes out with a very dark and disturbing story.

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