Lost Signals

Lost Signals, edited by Max Booth III and Lori Michelle

Coming today -August 02- Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing brings you Lost Signals, a tome of horror fiction featuring radio waves, numbers stations, rogue transmissions, and other unimaginable sounds you only wish were fiction. Forget about what’Unknown.jpegs hiding in the shadows, and start worrying about what’s hiding in the dead air.

Lost Signals includes an introduction from Fantasy Award Winning Author, Scott Nicolay, and fiction from Matthew M. Bartlett, T.E. Grau, Joseph Bouthiette Jr., Josh Malerman, David James Keaton, Tony Burgess, Michael Paul Gonzalez, George Cotronis, Betty Rocksteady, Christopher Slatsky, Amanda Hard, Gabino Iglesias, Dyer Wilk, Ashlee Scheuerman, Matt Andrew, H.F. Arnold, John C. Foster, Vince Darcangelo, Regina Solomond, Joshua Chaplinsky, Damien Angelica Walters, Paul Michael Anderson, and James Newman.

PMM Publishing is no stranger to deliver extremely original works, and Lost Signals is the umpteenth example of a well curated collection of compelling stories. I couldn’t help appreciating the cure that has been put into this anthology -from the cover to the great illustrations, everything is perfect. Each and every story is beautifully written -fluent and engaging, this book will absorb you completely.

Get your own copy now! Available on Amazon.com (Book) – (eBook)

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