Book Blog Tour: Boy, 9, Missing, by Nic Joseph

Book Blog Tour: Boy, 9, Missing, by Nic Joseph

There is nothing more satisfying than stumbling on a debuting novelist who truly owns the gift of writing! Today The Serial Reader is happy to host a stop on the book blog tour for Boy, 9, Missing, by Nic Joseph.

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Reading Boy, 9, Missing you would never say this is a debut novel, so accomplished and beautifully crafted –Nic Joseph works with a tangled plot, played by astounding characters: Francis -the leading voice- left to deal with revenge, justice and the aftermath of a terrible night, Sam Farr -keeper of a turbid secret, and Sam Scroll -Francis and Lucas father-  consumed with grief over his child’s mysterious death.

Publishers Weekly called it “a page-turner with haunting, well-developed characters and tantalizing plot” and I couldn’t agree more. Fast paced and unpredictable, this book  captures your attention since the very first page, and takes you to a shocking ending   you’ll never see coming.  One of the best ways for a book to make sure you remember it is to pull the rug out from under you just when you think you’ve got everything figured out. Everyone remembers a twist ending, right? To say why would almost ruin it, but suffice to say that this is a story in which revenge and guilt switch places repeatedly, building to a genuinely shocking conclusion.

27969103.jpgTwenty-three years ago, at a small dinner party in a Chicago suburb, Francis Scroll’s nine-year- old brother, Lucas, was found floating facedown in his parents’ bathtub. Lucas’s friend Sam is the only person who can reveal the truth, but he is unable—or unwilling—to speak, and Lucas’s death is ruled a tragic accident

Francis is forced to confront the past he buried long ago when Sam’s own nine-year-old son goes missing, and all the evidence points to Francis’s vengeful father as the prime suspect. In order to save the life of a young boy, Francis must unearth the truth about what happened the night his brother died.

Nic Joseph is debuting on the literary scene with a strong book, and I am sure she is here to stay!  If you like thrillers  -those able to shake you to the core- go grab a copy of Boy, 9, Missing and I promise you won’t regret it!


To celebrate the launch, Nic Joseph will be holding a reading, talk and book signing at The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square, Chicago (IL). More info can be found on The Book Cellar’s site.

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Thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark – to Ms. Lathea Williams- for the opportunity to join the official Matthew Farr Search & Rescue Team.

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