Bad Cover / Good Story

Sacrificial Sins, by Mira West

This would be one of those books I would have never picked up. You know I am one of those “horrible” (ironic) readers that judge a book by its cover, and I shamelessly admit that -especially with this book.

Sacrificial Sins has probably the most horrific cover ever seen: the white house, christian cross and what looks like a woman in a provocative pose make it look cheap. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Addiena Cadogan, an immigrant and only child of elderly parents, relents to stripping in order to provide for them and pay for college. Everything is going smoothly until her life intertw41G4TxelehL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgines with twin brothers. She first meets Derek Taft, the White House Press Secretary, at the gentlemen’s club where she works. She later meets Father James Taft, the residing priest of an orphanage, when searching for an abandoned little girl. 

From there, everything spirals into mass confusion. Father James falls from the grace of the church and believes God sent Addiena to him. Derek falls in love with her for other gratifying reasons. Although the woman he met had bleached blonde hair and went by the name of Ruby. Not until the time is right does Addiena disclose her job to them. She never suspected someone very close to her also had to make a sacrificial choice.

Even if romance fiction is not my favourite genre of choice, I have to admit that reading Sacrificial Sins was quite pleasurable -mostly due to the fluid and fast paced prose.

Member of Romance Writers of America and The International Women’s Writing GuildMira West definitely owns the gift of good writing. If you like romance novels, give this one a try…just ignore the cover!


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