Power Your Happy

Power Your Happy. Work Hard, Play Nice, and Build Your Dream Life, by Lisa Sugar

Popsugar.com is the first website I check every morning. If you’re not familiar with this amazing platform you’re really missing great contents.

People at Popsugar are passionate, move fast, welcome change, and love to win. They are supportive, kind and positive. They value the power of collaborating and to say cheers. They are young and passionately curious, and -through the content they create-  they inform, entertain, and inspire over 100 million monthly visitors worldwide.

Power Your Happy. Work Hard, Play Nice, and Build Your Dream Life is the first book written by founder and president Lisa Sugar.

Lisa Sugar has an amazing job. She spends her days creating content about pop culture, must-have handbags and makeup, healthy recipes, and Instagram-worthy sweets. She manages an enormously successful, growing company with employees who love what they do. And her life is just as great at home. She and her husband have three daughters and she’s the number one soccer mom who loves reading bedtime stories every night.  
How did she do it? By figuring out what her dream job was, taking risks, and believing in herself. And nocover90214-mediumw she wants to motivate others to do the same. She wants to show them how to live colorful, interesting lives where every second counts. 
She’ll do so by sharing her personal and business story. Lisa knows that creating your dream job requires hard work, patience, and experience. She’ll give advice, in big and small ways, about exactly how to do that, from starting a company to ditching a relationship that isn’t working to becoming a fabulous boss.

And with the great, accessible writing style that has made PopSugar such a hit, she’ll make it fun.

Power Your Happy is a very good book. It’s positive and inspirational, and it’s for everybody. At least for those people who are not afraid to work hard, play nice and live their own dream life!

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