Escaping Reality

Phoenix (Paradon #1), by Daccari Buchelli

The past few years have been extremely good for fans of fantasy. As today we  still are in the middle of an unprecedented fantasy boom; sales continue to rise year on year and it is now the biggest genre in publishing.

Why this genre is so popular is pretty obvious; fantasy gives you the freedom to explore the deepest corners of your imagination, while offering evasion from daily routine into a different realm. This young author -Buchelli- invites you over into the fantastic world of Peradon, with emperors, kings and princesses, where love and intrigue meet.

In Peradon, there are four magical kingdoms based on The Elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth. Princess Violetta Flame owns the ability to create fire, but magic never ceased to bring her joy, until the day it beca31924259.jpgme her curse.  Aged fifteen, the young Flame Mage and Princess finds herself drawn to the mysterious and charming Frost Emperor, Ryore.
Torn between her sudden feelings and inescapable duty to the throne, Violetta seeks to strike a balance. Will she surrender her will forever, or strive for freedom by doing the unthinkable?

Phoenix is a nice story, well crafted and edited. Good world building and charming characters make it absolutely enjoyable.

If you like fantasy novels with a pinch of romance, I suggest you to keep an eye on this young and talented writer.

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