Dark Web

Dark Web Rising, by Eugene T. Schurter

What a fantastic story! I am amazed at the talent of Eugene T. Schurter in writing this original, fast-paced and engaging sci-fi novel. Dark Web Rising balancing on the edge of fiction and reality between advanced coding, nano tecnology and space colonization succeeds where sometimes other sci-fi novelists fail… it’s convincing!

29618230.jpgOne second before the attacker broke through his defenses, Stewart punched in his tracer. 

He was in! Then the name of the site he had hacked appeared on his screen. Just three simple words – Central Security Agency. Exhilaration turned to fear, tingling with the acrid scent of panic. What have I done?

Suddenly a fugitive, alone and on the run, Stewart must find a way to escape his pursuers and reclaim his life. Will his friends help him? Who is the mysterious Daddy Warbucks and will he tip the scales?

As the pressure intensifies, Stewart comes face-to-face with the biggest decision of his young life. Armed with naught but his technological expertise and the willingness to stand up for his beliefs, Stewart attempts the impossible. He will flee Earth in the first interplanetary colonization ship…if only he can figure out how.

S0 far 2016 has been an incredible year for books, especially sci-fi and fantasy: see Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, the second instalment of the Commonwealth: Cronicle of the Fallers Series- A Night Without Stars by Peter F. Hamilton or Death’s End, second in the  Remembrance of Earth’s Past Series by Cixin Liu, just to name a few. Dark Web Rising is legitimately one of the very best sci-fi I have read this year, it’s well written and it keeps you  glued to the pages.

Highly suggested!

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