Harry Potter Has Fangs

Vampire Boy, by Aric Cushing

Halloween is just around the corner, and like every year I like to sneak into the kids section at the library and take a look around.. besides some classics I found great new releases,  Vampire Boy by Aric Cushing being one of them.

coveronlyWhen Alex Vambarey attends his first year at the Carpathian Academy, he has no idea that there are other creatures besides vampires. He’s never met a gargoyle, or a pixie for that matter. Of course he’s read about them — in the Vampedia — but in real life? No way.

But now everyone’s trying to figure out the Magus riddle and win the school prize. Even the Brownies are all befuddled! Well, maybe it’s natural. It’s his first term, and there are all sorts of things that don’t make any sense. Like all the janitors collecting dirt. That’s just plain weird. No, there was definitely something bigger going on. Way bigger. And if he was right, the secret was somewhere in the Night Gallery. The secret about Carpathia, and the secret about himself!

First of a series (6-7 books) Vampire Boy is a fantastic story! Great world building and a splendid cast of characters makes the story funny and -with the right dose of spookiness- absolutely enjoyable.
Alex Vambarey -the young vampire born with white hair, symbol of a mysterious destiny- is a well developed character, positive and humorous. Together with his crew made of other magic creatures, they will discover what’s hiding behind the walls at Carpathian Academy.

Reading Vampire Boy you cannot notice the strong reference to the famous young magus Harry Potter: both carries a symbol of their destiny, Hogwarts / Carpathian Academy, Voldemort / Deleter… I love Harry Potter and I found the similarities in Vampire Boy a brilliant choice, while imagining a similar scenario Aric Cushing was able to distinguish himself and deliver an intriguing story starring a young vampire and his fellows.
So glad this is going to become a series! Can’t wait to see where Aric Cushing and the Walachia crew will take us for the next adventure!

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