Guest Post by Tiffany Teoh

Guest Post by Tiffany Teoh

Tiffany Teoh -author of The Traveller Series– shares with us The Best Books to Take With You on Vacation.


“This question came at a fitting time as I have just stocked up on some reads for my current trip. I like my travel reads to mentally transport me to another place or time.

Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov) – This is my all-time favourite novel. I love it for so many reasons, for the story, the style, the places in it. Especially when I have so much time on a plane or bus this is my go-to read when I don’t know what else to read. Not only does this place mentally transport me to places, but it also takes me to being in the body and mind of the main character Humbert Humbert and feel the pain he feels for his unrequited love for his Lolita.

A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson) – This book really makes you feel more awakened and appreciative to the world around you. It’s like a few short stories arranged in sequel about our reality. It covers basic science and geology in laymen’s terms so it’s a pretty simple read. It also makes you realise, “Wow, yeah, this happened at some point in our reality’s timeline to have caused an individual like me to be sitting here at this bus station, reading this book while waiting for the bus to arrive!”

The Book of Chuang Tzu (Zhuang Zhou) – I like to enjoy Taoist philosophy during my downtime. It’s very enlightening and tranquil at the same time. This book was written in the 400-200 BC Chinese, poetic style so it has this directness and elegance to it at the same time. The best thing is you can go very slow with it, so as you should with things when on vacation.

Short Stories by Anton Chekov – His short stories are quite short as short stories go so they are pretty good for picking up in between taking a dip in the water and resuming after dinner. Hi stories are very much the unique depressing style of most Russian stories where the characters live in poverty but always have access to vodka. His stories make you feel more thankful for what we have in life.

National Geographic – I’m a subscriber so I always carry the latest issue with me when I have access to it, or I do bookswaps at the guesthouses’; libraries. This goes in the list because what better book to take with you on your journey to see the world, than this packable magazine that takes our journeys further all over the world with every page!”

Thank you Tiffany! and Bon Voyage!!


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