What’s Under The Tree? The Ultimate Gift Guide for Christmas



This year I am buying books for everyone on my Christmas list! No more junky gifts that -I am pretty sure- will end up clogging my friends and family’s houses without adding any benefit. This year I am sharing magic, thrills, suspense, romance and humor… I am going to share Good Literature!

Since 2016 has been a great year and so many awesome titles have been published, I thought to share with you all the best books to buy for everyone on your list; let’s find out what’s the best book for your foodie friend, what for the nerd or the adventurer, the dark soul and the bookworm! No worries, there is a book for everyone!

Starting today come join us for Books Under the Tree, and share some festive spirit! Tell me what’s on your Christmas list and what’s your favorite book of 2016!

Hurry up! It’s only 33 days until Christmas!

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Books for…Foodies

Books for …Nerds

Books for…Romanticists

nerds-4    nerds-5    nerds-6

Books for…Adventurers

Books for…Entrepreneurs

Books for…Fashionistas

nerds-7    nerds-8   nerds-13

Books for…Lazy Readers

Books for…Sportsmen

Books for…Dark Souls


Where to buy….



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