Blogmas day #4: Be Jolly, it’s (almost) Christmas!

Blogmas day #4: Be Jolly, it’s (almost) Christmas!

Good Morning… and Happy Monday! oh, who am I kidding here?… there’s no sense in “happy” and “Monday” in the same sentence. Am I right? If the start of your workweek triggers weird, and sometimes overwhelming, feelings of sadness, stress and anxiety, you too might suffer from the Monday Blues!


No, it’s not a joke. That’s for real! and, believe it or not, there’s also a specific day (January 15, 2018) that’s claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. The concept of “Monday Blues” was first publicised as part of a 2005 press release from a business company called Sky Travel, which claimed to have calculated the date using a specific equation.

The formula -considered pseudoscience and heavily derided by scientists as nonsensical- uses many factors, including: weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action. Equation or not, starting a new workweek can be quite tough, and we could all use a little something extra to start our day. We agree on that.

Whether you treat yourself to your favorite latte or buy a new book, doing something that makes you happy will definitely help you going through the day. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project suggests some interesting tricks to help you starting your workday, like giving yourself a few minutes of calm to ease into the day, taking time to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee or read a few pages from your favorite book.

On the 4th day of BLOGMAS I’m giving you some ideas to beat the Monday Blues: hot drinks, cheerful music and, of course, a good book!

Be Jolly, it’s (almost) Christmas!

Treat Yourself..

’tis the season for hot drinks! At least here on the East Coast, where the winter season can be pretty cold and a hot brew or hot chocolate can (literally) save your hands from frostbites! I’m having the Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate today! So delicious!

Few beverages are as engrained in Americans’ collective childhood memories quite like hot chocolate. I don’t know what is it about a hot chocolate that brings a smile? It’s delicious, of course. Silky and rich tasting it’s good for your health: chocolate increases the microcirculation on your skin, triggers the brain to release the endorphins, it contains minerals and vitamins and it’s a good energy source.

Sing Along To Christmas Carols & Christmas Songs..

Listening to music is the key to good health. In fact, when you listen to music, you release a chemical in your brain called dopamine –a ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. But scientists are now discovering that music can do more for you than just lift your spirit. Research is showing it has a variety of health benefits like: raise IQ and academic functioning, increase workpit endurance, reduce stress and anxiety, decrease pain, help you sleep better and, it makes you happier!.

Today I’m listening one of my favorite: Christmas Songs by Frank Sinatra.

Stay Happy & Motivated..

I find happiness and motivation in a good book, and today I’m enjoying this funny little book by Heather Lende.

Find The Good. Unexpected Life Lessons from A Small-Town Obituary Writer, by Heather Lende

Available on : KindleHardcoverAudible

As she was digging deep into the lives of community members, Heather Lende, the obituary writer for her tiny hometown newspaper in Haines, Alaska, began to notice something. Even the crustiest old Alaskan sourpuss who died in a one-room cabin always had Halloween candy for the neighborhood kids, and the eccentric owner of the seafood store who regularly warned her about government conspiracies knew how to be a true friend.

When Lende started intentionally seeking what was positive and true in people and situations in her own life she felt happier, and life seemed more meaningful, too. There’s so much to gain by taking responsibility for your own happiness and nothing to lose. In stormy times like these, we have to make our own good weather, and Find the Good shows us how.

In the end, it doesn’t take much to survive the Monday Blues: a hot chocolate, good music and a bit of humor really can work miracles!

How about you?

How do you beat the Monday Blues?

As alway, feel free to leave a comment and share your Monday morning “rituals”.

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